Spin Coating

DNS RF3 Coater Tool
  • Installed in 2016 by DNS
  • DNS support out of local office
  • Configured for optimal operation with 2 spin cup modules
  • Up to 8 PR chemistries can be installed
    • Solvent compatibility is required
  • Throughput: > 40 WPH
  • Installed in class 1 clean room
Spin Coating Picture
Photoresist PR Type Thickness range, um (est.) Status
1 l-line positive 2.3 In production
2 DUV (193 nm) Positive 1.1 In production
3 l-line positive 3.5 - 5.0 Please inquire
4 l-line positive 10.0 Please inquire
Good with-in-wafer (WiW) uniformity <1%
Good with-in-lot (WiL), and lot-to-lot (LtL)
repeatability for both I Line and DUV films
I-line PR

Shipley Megaposit SPR 3012
PR Thickness uniformity and repeatability

l-line PR Thickness
PR Thickness (A)
l-line PR WiW NU
WiW NU (%, 1s)
DUV (193 nm) PR

PR Thickness uniformity and repeatability

DUV PR Thickness
PR Thickness (A)
WiW NU (%, 1s)