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There are positions currently available in San Jose, CA and Prescott, AZ. Please use the buttons below to download the application forms.

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The Interview Process

Applicants who have the skills and experience that most strongly match the requirements for the position will be contacted by a member of the Human Resource Department to further discuss their background and qualifications.

Pure Wafer’s Hiring Managers work closely with Human Resources to determine the most qualified candidate pool. After discussion of the candidate pool, the Hiring Manager and Human Resources will select the candidates to be interviewed.

Candidates designated to be interviewed will be directly contacted. This process can be either phone screen or onsite depending upon Candidate and position location. Pure Wafer’s interviews provide you with the opportunity to share detailed information about how you have performed in previous work-related situations. In addition, we’ll ask you about your interests and give you an opening to inquire about Pure Wafer and future opportunities.

Note: Pure Wafer reserves the right to use third party agencies for temp-to-hire positions and/or temporary positions.

Ten Tips For A Better Interview

  1. Research Pure Wafer prior to the interview
  2. Come well rested and be mentally prepared.
  3. Dress professionally
  4. Arriving early leaves a better impression
  5. Bring copies of your resume
  6. Maintain eye contact, be a good listener and let the interviewer guide you.
  7. Expect to feel a bit nervous – this is normal
  8. Use specific examples of your background as it relates to the positions.
  9. Thank the interviewer for their time and ask about the next steps.
  10. Be prepared to ask questions.
We're Hiring!